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Korenix Catalogue/Brochure

Korenix provides a wide selection of multi-language Catalogues and Brochures with the latest product announcements and success stories, which are available for download. To request a free copy of the printed material, please contact sales@korenix-usa.com!

Korenix 2014 JetPoE family – industrial PoE switch Brochure New!

The brand new 2014 “JetPoE family – industrial PoE switch” brochure. The 58-page compact publication with focus of Korenix unique features of Power over Ethernet technologies represents how korenix PoE solutions assist users in dealing with the critical issues facing in the industrial applications, such as wireless data communication and surveillance systems.

Korenix 2013 Compact Brochure New!

Korenix 2013 brochure is now available to order. With huge efforts, we are highly confidence to introduce the best sales tool for your best growth in 2013 – Korenix 2013 brochure. The brochures have been created in a concise, elaborate and easy-understand way, which is composed of product special features, hot selling points and industrial applications. Make easier to develop your business, it is time to grab Korenix 2013 brochures with no hesitations.

Korenix 2012 Substation Automation Brochure

The new Substation Automation Brochure highlights Korenix's versatile IEC 61850 communication solutions, data conversion & computing solutions, designed with leading edge hardware and intelligent software features for building high performance networks in power substations and electrical utilities. It is a quick guide to designing a complete network system in substations.

Korenix 2011 Transportation Brochure

The New Transportation Brochure illustrates Korenix solutions with all the innovative hardware and software functions designed for operating in transit applications, including on and off board vehicles and traffic control systems. It is a comprehensive guidebook for building the most efficient network infrastructure, from infotainment, remote control and surveillance to complex traffic control systems.

Korenix 2011 Surveillance Brochure

The new Korenix 2011 Surveillance Brochure provides up-to-date product information, including sales benefits of Korenix's surveillance networking solutions' and their comprehensive selection guides together with latest successful application stories.

Korenix 2011 Compact Brochure

Korenix new 2011 Brochure is a compact guide to the complete range of Korenix embedded networking and communication platforms illustrating product comparison tables as well as most outstanding product benefits for the market users.


Korenix 2011 Embedded Brochure

Korenix Embedded Brochure illustrates complete range of Korenix embedded networking and communication platforms with detailed specifications, product comparisons and benefits for the market users.



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arrow JetNet 5018G- The Solution for High Port Count Applications!
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bullet Industrial Automation
bullet Industrial Computing
bullet IP Video Surveillance
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arrow Industrial Din Rail Switch
arrow Industrial Rackmount Switch
arrow Industrial PoE Switch
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arrow Industrial Serial Device Server
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bullet Korenix Industrial secure computer enable non-stop data transmission for ventilation system
bullet Korenix High Power PoE Switches Provide Stable Power Feeding and Reliable Data Transmission over 6000 Sets of LED Luminaires of the Smart Building in Europe
bullet Korenix Industrial Managed Ethernet Fiber Ring Switches apply in radiation control system for non-stop operation in Russia
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Each of Korenix`s Product line is designed, produced, and tested with High industrial standard.
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