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JetNet 5628G
3 modular slots enable you to add up to 24 10/100-TX or 18 100Base-FX (sold seperately)
4 On-Board Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports
Compliant with IEC61850-3, IEEE1613 Power Substation Standards
IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol for precise time synchronization
12.8G Non-Blocking backplane, 16K MAC table make wire speed bidirectional switching
Up to 9KB Jumbo Frame for large file transmission
8 QoS priority allows prioritizing the control and management packet from SCADA
Korenix MSR pattern aggregates up to 12 x 100M Rings plus 2 Gigabit Rings
IGMP Snooping, GMRP, Rate Control for multicast message management
90-264VAC, 88-370VDC, 24/48VDC power input
  Product Overview  

JetNet 5628G is an IEC61850-3 Modular Managed Ethernet Switch, equipped with 4 on-board Gigabit RJ45 / MINI GBIC combo ports plus 3 modular slots for maximum 24 10/100 Base-TX Ports or 18 100Base-FX Fiber interfaces ports. The JNM5 series modules are flexible for different port volume, media types and application needs.

JetNet 5628G, a special design for substation automation and industrial control room, is compliant
with the IEC61850-3, IEEE1613 high level environmental certifications. JetNet 5628G has the
capability of forwarding Data, GOOSE, SCADA message without any loss or collision. Different power input types and connectors, including 85-264VAC, 88-370VHDC and 18-48VLDC power inputs, are flexible for field power constructions.

The advantage of choosing JetNet 5628G is that the switch supports on board 4 gigabit ports which allow users to trunk up to 8G uplink bandwidth or to form 2 independent Gigabit rings. The 24 100M interface allows to form 12 100M rings for a reliable network redundancy. This is the world's only multiple ring redundancy design.

The switch also supports Jumbo Frame forwarding up to 9.2Kbytes. Furthermore, the transmission of
large files in industrial environments becomes more efficient and solid. To fulfill the advanced management, control and security requirements in power substations and control rooms, JetNet 5628G supports various software features. The VLAN, QoS, IGMP, layer 2/4 Access Control List, 802.1x, SNMP V3, LLDP, etc. complete the demand and greatly satisfy technicians' requests

IEC61850-3 / IEEE1613 Compatibility 
In the substation environment, there are many EMI & Environmental Phenomena, such as the
electric,magnetic, high energy power surge, uncontrolled temperature & humidity...etc. When it
comes to the Ethernet for substation automation, the utility companies generally advise you to comply to
the IEC61850-3 standard and IEC1613 standard. IEC61850-3 is standardized for the design of substation automation.

It defines the standard for the "Communication Networks and Systems in Substations". IEC61850-3 defines the "General Requirements" for relevant equipments. The IEC1613 defines the "Standard
Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices in Electric
Power Substations".

Multiple Super Ring Technology
The JetNet 5628G supports new generation ring technology MSR which includes various new
technologies for redundancy applications and structures of different networks.

Link Layer Discover Protocol 
The Link Layer Discover Protocol (LLDP) was formally ratified as IEEE 802.1AB-2005. LLDP is
the Layer 2 protocol that allows the network device/ station to advertise connectivity & management
information, the identity & major capabilities, receives and establishes network management information on the local same network. In industrial environments, most vendors provide their own discovering protocols, window utility or other tools to manage their switches. The LLDP protocol fixes the interoperability among them. With LLDP supported, users can easily browse the network devices and establish the network management information schema about the stations.

Flexible Module Design  (Modules Are SOLD SEPARATELY)
The JetNet 5628G provides several types of Fast Ethernet modules. There are 8 10/100Base-TX ports, 4 100Base-FX/SC ports plus 2 100Base-FX SFP and 4 10/100Base-TX plus 4 100Base-FX modules. Turn off the power at the front on the switch and you are able to insert the modules or exchange the module types. The modular design is more flexible for purchasing, less storage of stock and field installations. Once the distance is over 100 meters, users can exchange modules without replacing device. As purchasing the JetNet 5628G, please confirm the media type and the port volume?

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